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  • Alice In Wonderland 1

    NOKs are collectible, intelligent 3D characters, very friendly and talkative. download Alice and start collecting the NOKs now. No installation needed!

    License: Freeware Genre: Miscellaneous | Kids & Education
    Size: 920KB Updated: 06/08/11

  • 18,018

    Total downloads

  • Magic Ball 2 2.2

    download your free trial version today! Features * 100 levels featurin...characters that interact with the player * Stunning and colorful 3D graphic...

    License: Shareware Genre: Action | Misc Action
    Size: 9.82MB Updated: 06/30/09

  • 16,195

    Total downloads

  • AdventureQuest Worlds

    downloads! * No Spyware! * No Spam! (Our personal newsletter does not count) will be able to import data from your existing AQ/DF/MQ characters and accou...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: N/A Updated: 01/14/10

  • 10,632

    Total downloads

  • Hardwood Spades 1.5 build 32

    characters. You are more than just a handful of cards, you are definitely a char...- Free download

    License: Shareware Genre: Card & Board | Poker
    Size: 7.40MB Updated: 06/21/09

  • 6,366

    Total downloads

  • Runes Of Magic

    characters can create items by practicing their crafting skills, avoiding combat...Free2play: no monthly fees, free to download 2. Regular updates with new conten...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: 8.90GB Updated: 08/02/12

  • 2,987

    Total downloads

  • Ben There, Dan That!

    colourful characters, some frames of animation and nearly 100 different sound ef...Enjoy it today FOR FREE by clicking the download button up to the top right ther...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | ARPG
    Size: 11.07MB Updated: 06/16/09

  • 1,336

    Total downloads

  • MGS Mad Macs 1.00

    Select your team from 8 different cartoon characters including Bing Bing the Pan...downloadable new maps and tanks in the future should help you prepare for the on...

    License: Shareware Genre: Mobile Games | Mobile
    Size: 1.77MB Updated: 04/18/11

  • 920

    Total downloads

  • WormWars 3 (Win32) 1.0

    17/09/2006 New level: 486 05/09/2006 WormWars 3 now available for download! WormWars 3 is a snake-type game that uses only ASCII characters for its 'g...

    License: Freeware Genre: Mini Games | Snake
    Size: 256KB Updated: 07/21/09

  • 799

    Total downloads

  • Teenage Lawnmower 1.15

    characters. Mutated killer moles! Run unlimited user created add-ons and mod...fe Fully automated and secure online instant purchase and download .

    License: Shareware Genre: Action | Adventure
    Size: 8.91MB Updated: 07/17/09

  • 568

    Total downloads

  • Once Twice Thrice 3.0

    characters. - Adults are challenged by the interesting puzzles. - Everyone (2.3MB).. just a few minutes even on very slow modems - Sixty - day un...

    License: Shareware Genre: Mini Games | Tower Defence
    Size: 2.60MB Updated: 06/01/09

  • 526

    Total downloads

  • Deep Sea Adventures

    With beautiful prerendered 3D backgrounds, and adorable characters, Deep Sea everyone in your family can save their own progress and settings 10 meg download...

    License: Demo Genre: Action | Misc Action
    Size: 4.69MB Updated: 08/01/11

  • 519

    Total downloads

  • AfterShocked 1.20

    dozens of hilarious characters to interact with, plenty of scenes to visit, and ...The download size might seem a bit large, but keep in mind that this is a comple...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Adventure
    Size: 47.39MB Updated: 03/12/08

  • 472

    Total downloads

  • Treasure Frogman 2.3

    Pleasurable music and animated characters will exalt your mood; 36 free levels Arcade Game Treasure Frogman and Play for Free!

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Platform
    Size: 5.6MB Updated: 07/20/09

  • 413

    Total downloads

  • Directory Blaster

    Since downloading Directory Blaster, I still get in trouble at work, but I have ...characters to demolish your files! • Easy association with Windows so you ca...

    License: Freeware Genre: Shooting Games | Shoot Them Up
    Size: 2.85MB Updated: 06/23/09

  • 337

    Total downloads

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